Making It to the Third Round of Music City Mayhem

lightning 100’s music city mayhem, battle of the bands contest

March 2019:
Found out we made it into Lightning 100’s esteemed Music City Mayhem contest. The winner of said contest not only gets a bunch of free stuff (studio time, video production, band merch, guitar gear, etc.) but also gets to play Nashville’s big music festival, Live On The Green.

April 8:
We had a solid turnout for the first round of voting, winning with 372 votes against 198.

April 16:
Round 2 of votes showed another promising turnout from our fans, giving us the last-minute leg up to win 669 to 617.

April 19:
The third round of voting was the last before the show with the final 5 bands. We were up against very steep odds (our opponent had 22k fans on Facebook, versus our nearly 400). But didn’t stop us from getting every person we’ve ever met to not only vote, but have their friends and family vote.

The turnout for this final round of voting was incredible. We were humbled, honored, and simply surprised at the turnout. Texting, messaging, and calling down to literally the last minutes, the competition seesawed back and forth for the last 2 hours until we finally lost by 3 votes – 1,513 to 1,516. It was heartbreaking.

Alas, here we are.

As hard as it was to swallow that loss, the contest gave us some incredible takeaways.

Being in Music City Mayhem got us tons of air time on Lightning 100, and that’s big on its own. Not only did we get plays on the air, but our music video for Walking In My Sleep got 1,000 views just from being listed on Lightning 100’s website.

But the real takeaway was the support.

We’ve never seen such a concentrated effort to support our band, and it was pretty overwhelming. It seems so insignificant to say, “Thanks,” when there is such a huge debt we feel owed to our fans, friends, and family.

So, since you’re here reading this, please know that we wouldn’t be here without you, and we can’t keep moving forward apart from your support.

Jared EversComment