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Temple Wildlife was formed through the forge of commitment, trust, and resilience. 

Created in 2016, Temple Wildlife founders Adam Griffith (Baton Rouge, LA) and Jared Evers (Portland, OR) met each other in Nashville. After countless hours and a myriad of long nights spent in Evers' studio (a glorified basement), their lamenting over five songs was concluded. They began tracking their first EP.

Temple Wildlife is an indie rock band you can root for.

Late nights and entire weekends were spent tracking their first album. Since both Evers and Griffith had to work day jobs, they spent any leftover hours in the studio, meticulously pouring over the EP.


Other than the collaboration of a few friends and their instruments, the album was produced and engineered entirely by Griffith and Evers. You can hear influences like Bon Iver, Radiohead, The Killers, Local Natives, and Sigur Rós. You may even notice the homage to Gloria Estefan and Stranger Things.

While maintaining and channeling all these musical influences, Black Beans EP is a fresh and exciting listen. Balancing intriguing vocals, spacey guitars, warbled synths – oh, and tons of reverb – you can hear an array of genres, from pop tracks like There Is Fire to straight up '80s grooves like Prides

Temple Wildlife was started in 2017. Get in on the ground floor.





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