New Single and NPR's Tiny Desk Contest 2019


We filmed. We entered. We hope we win.

A few weeks ago, the band crammed in the middle of a desk and 2 bookshelves to perform our newest single, Decorated Panes.

While this is the first you’ve heard this brand new single, it definitely won’t be the last. Drums and keys have been recorded, and we’re eagerly working on tracking the rest of the song to bring you the new single as fast as we can.

Decorated Panes is probably the poppiest you’ve heard from us, but the heart and soul of Temple Wildlife is still very evident in this new song.

Making the video for the Tiny Desk Concert contest

Filmed in the office Jared works at, we set up some unusual instruments to make the performance as interesting and fun as we could.

You’ll hear the Temple Wildlife standards of Adam’s verby guitar, Jared’s voice and vocoder, and some vintage synth sounds, including a Juno modeler. Alongside a SPD-SX drum pad, we also use sounds from a Pocket Operator for the percussion loop, and a Volca sampler for some extra synth touches. Did we mention we’re really into synths?

After filming, we went to the cutting board as Jared cut the video and Adam mixed and mastered the audio.

Director of Photography Matt Van Den Meiracker both set up the angles and colored the video beautifully in post. Meanwhile, Jared botched the main angle by messing up the focus after Matt left. But we still like it.

We hope you’ll enjoy the video and share it with your friends. And we hope we make it onto the real Tiny Desk Concert!

Jared EversComment